March 28, 2010

Round 3

I've been in Seattle this weekend visiting my brother, sister and her family. We even scooted down to Portland yesterday and came back today to visit OTRmama. (By the way, I really liked Portland. I could easily see us living there for the next phase of life. It's quirky and filled with characters with a capital C. Also lots of breweries, coffee shops, and bike paths. Que sera, sera.)

Before leaving town, I'd sent an email to the CD at New Job to say I'd be out of town and feel free to call my cell phone.

On Friday, my brother and I joined my sister and took Blonde niece to her ballet class. We got to watch all these adorable 4-year olds going through their paces. In the middle of the recital, my phone buzzed in my pocket. A 415 (San Francisco) number. I dashed out to answer it. It was CD. My heart started racing. It was the rejection!

"Hey, OTRgirl. Sorry to interrupt while you're away. Is this an ok time?" Yes. yes. Talk, woman!

"We're hoping you can come in some time next week and talk to our new General Manager about the design position." I started breathing again. Round 3, though? Make up your mind, already!!! Oh well. For variety sake, I went for a morning appointment. I'm hoping I can scoot into work a little late and just play it off like a slow morning or something.

OTRsis wondered about how drawn out this process is: does it reflect a dysfunctional company? I wonder that, too. What I think is going on is that they've had a time of transition. The new CD was hired a week before my first interview. She's finding her sea legs and figuring out what kind of team she wants to build. The General Manager used to work at my old company, so he might be nervous about me. He's never worked with me directly. He's also just been promoted to his new position. I suspect the other person is more web-savvy, but less event-aware. So, they have to pick which direction they need as a company.

I really, really hope they can decide quickly after Wednesday...

And I hope I can get back soon to see my niece and nephew. They are so much fun.

This morning we did home church with OTRmama. We went to the Catholic church on her street and picked up palm branches. Then we went into her back yard to wave them as we sang songs. Blonde Niece asked for This is the Day the Lord has made. Minor Prophet pouted and said he didn't want that one. We sang Blonde Niece's song, then asked him what he wanted. He asked for the alphabet song. So we did that one. Then we told the story of Jesus riding a donkey's foal into the city. Blonde Niece acted out the Jesus part as we waved palms and shouted Hosanna (the neighbors walking by in the alley looked VERY puzzled). Then Blonde Niece turned to her brother and said, "I'll do 'This is the Day', you do the alphabet song'." And they sang a medley together.


Rachel said...

Portland is awesome, isn't it? I would love to live there. I'm glad you had so much fun with the kids.

Three rounds of interviews. Ugh. That sounds like torture.

Aimee said...

Good luck with the new position! Sounds exciting and nerve-wracking, all at once.

Happy to hear that you had a good time with your family. Sounds like a delightful time.

Anonymous said...

Sweet and touching blog. Wish I could have been with you.

Here you are working with all these high tech people. How do you know the company isn't also reading your blog? It would be tempting for a general manager to make a standing offer to some techies -- $100 for every blog you can spot and verify within the firm.

Aimee said...

Thanks for stopping by my place! I responded to your comment.