March 11, 2010

On my way

I didn't feel right just taking off early, so I'm taking a half day of PTO today. Which means I am slumming right now at work and then I'll run home and spiff up before heading north.

I've buffed my portfolio. It's easy to do since it's a Keynote presentation on my laptop; I have a remote controller, so I just click through while talking. The appointment is with three women in an office, so no need for projection. I added two items we'd talked about before, took away the stuff that seemed to create lulls and feel good about it.

After the interview, I'm going to pick up my brother and then we'll pick up his girlfriend when she's done with work. No idea where we'll eat, but knowing my food snob bro, it'll be good. While we were discussing options, he mentioned The Front Porch. I asked, "Is that the one that shows movies in the patio? I've been there." It wasn't, but he was impressed that I'd been to Foreign Cinema. (Smart Girl and I did a night in the city last year. It was SO expensive for me. Blew through a third of my spending money for the month--taxis, drinks before dinner, etc. We haven't tried anything like that since. Our standards for what thriftiness looks like are too different.)

Now I just have to survive the next two hours before I can head out the door!


otr mama said...

Good luck, otr girl!!! and hug for yo' bro for me!

Aimee said...

I hope the interview went well! I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time with your brother and his girlfriend. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

well, how did it go???