March 22, 2010

Life Lesson: Waiting

We had J and O over for dinner last night. Jrex made flank steak served over broccoli, peppers and carmelized brussel sprouts with a bed of quinoa. De-li-cious.

During the course of dinner we got onto the topic of life lessons that the Lord keeps bringing up until we've learned enough to move on. Conflict resolution. Learning to choose to not be distracted. Figuring out how to deal with someone in power over you. For me, the lesson I keep getting smacked with is waiting. And waiting. Being placed in a position where my drive, my creative work-arounds, my need to know the agenda, all are thwarted and all I can do is wait and pray.

That's what's going on with the job, too.

On Friday, I tried to push and sent this email:

> Hey, CD,
> How are you? You'd mentioned letting me/us know by the end of the
> week. Is that still the plan?
> Do you have any lingering questions for me? I imagine it's a hard
> decision and don't want to add to any pressure you might be feeling, just
> wanted to say hello and let you know I'm still interested.
> All the best,
> OTRgirl
After I sent it, I reread it later in the day. And I winced. I have a total mixed message in there. "No pressure, but tell me what's going on!!" It comes off as passive aggressive and I hate to be that way.

Sunday, I got this response:
Hey there,

Sorry... No decision yet as the week took the best of me! :) we
should finalize this week! Sorry for the delay and hope that you're
enjoying the weekend!!!



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From talking to a friend who's contracting there, it sounds like the stress and work amount would be the same as what I have where I am now. The commute would be longer. The differences would be much more client variety, creative/innovative solutions, and a learning environment. For how bored and stuck I feel right now, that seems worth it to me. Also, knowing we'd either be moving altogether, or moving up to the city (if Jrex got a job at UC San Francisco), I'm willing to do the commute for a year. (I've got my eye on a Kindle 2...)

...which puts me back where I hate to be. Waiting and praying. I'm praying that she just KNOW which of us would fit best. That the Lord direct her and give her wisdom and energy. At this point, I just want a decision either way so I'm not in limbo.


NGS said...

My Kindle is my life. The end.

P.S. Sorry you haven't heard about the job yet. But get yourself a Kindle either way.

Rachel said...

I think not knowing is even harder than a flat rejection, because if they say no, at least you can move on and make other plans. Hope you get an answer soon. The job sounds like a great fit for you.

Liz said...

I was just about to email you to ask whether you'd had any news! I figured you would be getting very antsy if you hadn't heard anything yet. Sending you patience vibes. And good luck ones, too. Sorry it's taking so long, but I hope that no news ends up being good news. -Liz

Inkling said...

Waiting IS so hard to do! I'll be praying for you as you wait on the job and on so many other things going on in your life right now.

As for JRex's cooking.....that sounds like delicious food! Would he consider doing a guest post to teach us how to make it? (I know I'm probably asking for the moon.) =)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for sending the e-mail.

A boss hires on the basis of four qualities --
appearance, accomplishments, aptitude, and interest.

Your showing savvy interest could be just the item that tips the scale.


Note to Inkling: Asking JRex to give instruction on preparing a dish is futile. He doesn't make the same dish twice.

OTRgirl said...

He does always vary and improve his dishes. He's happy to teach, but it would take him 20 years of retirement before he'd find time to write something down.