March 8, 2010


The CD at New Company emailed to see if I'm free Thursday afternoon. She's trying to confirm with Devil Wears Prada that it will work for her to talk with me then. I'm excited and nervous.

I've set the stage in a couple ways. One, this past weekend I hit Nordstrom's Rack and found a cute pair of knee-high distressed gray leather boots and a gray dress that is perfect with them (great for an interview outfit--if you're a graphic designer in San Francisco). I also bought a crazy pair of Poetic License heels with leopard print. Retail value for all three: $600. Paid? 1/6th of that.

(My shoes aren't exactly like this photo, but it shows that Poetic License does animal prints in a way that looks stylish, not trashy.)

Anyway. I wore the heels today and gushed about my shopping trip. Which makes it easy to come in on Thursday flaunting my cute outfit. And then...

My cover story might actually turn out to be true! My brother is coming down to the area to visit a friend in the city. I can just say that, typical of my brother, he just told me he'd be around, so I'm going to take off early and go meet him in the city.

I love it when a plan comes together...


Aimee said...

Good luck on Thursday! Shopping sounds like SO much fun! Enjoy your finds!

Anonymous said...

Concern: Your persona is not difficult to discover for anyone who knows you.

I worried that someone in their church might crack the code for your in-laws.

Now I'm worried that someone in your present or future jobs might crack the code. E.g. Would the Devil Wears Prada be flattered by your designation?

But, congrats on the great shopping spree.

My prayers will be with you on Thursday.

OTR sister said...

I finally used some Christmas gift cards last week. I had forgotten how much of a pick-me-up shopping is. Good luck on the interview!

OTRgirl said...

Dad, thank you for your paranoia. It's heard (and obviously ignored!). I think she'd actually laugh--in fact, she's probably heard it before.