June 25, 2009

Your prayers are appreciated at this particular juncture

When we got back from vacation, Jrex had this email:

> *Subject: **RE: Presubmission inquiry*
> Dear Dr. ________,
> Your manuscript has been sent out for review. The status of "being
> processed" means that there is no decision on the manuscript (ie
> "reject," "revise," or "accept")--typically what this means for
> authors at this stage is "No news = good news." If your manuscript had
> been rejected without review, you would have already received a
> decision by now. Generally (barring some unusual circumstances), if a
> manuscript status is still "being processed" after three weeks with
> us, you can assume that it has been sent out for review. I do,
> however, always recommend contacting our offices to confirm that status.
> Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns.
> Kind Regards,

Right now, the paper is in the hands of other scientists, who, in their 'free' time read it and send it back with any comments, questions, further experiments or whatever. If it's sent to someone who doesn't like Jrex's advisor, they could give him stupid hoops just for the 'fun' of it. It's rare the paper would be accepted without further work, but it would be GREAT if that's what happens.

Much depends on many things. But...if his paper gets published, that opens the door to start applying for his own grant money and for jobs.


Mama Nabi said...

Keeping fingers crossed! We usually suggest reviewers AND, depending on the topic, ask to not include certain reviewers for their "undue bias against" our theories. (well, not my theory, the scientists'... :-D)

Hm, wonder which journal this is - I like their bluntness!

Inkling said...

Praying. I remember my mom talking about my dad's pursuit of similar stuff (then his advisor retired and I came along and he decided to get a job), so it's possible for me to imagine a little of the feelings you must be having. Wow. To have JRex out of this season of his life at some point - won't that be a different feeling!

Asianmommy said...

Good luck to JRex--hope it works out!

Anonymous said...

Keep praising the LORD.
You have my prayers.

otrmama said...

Yes, God is good. There must be a reason so many little mice contributed their lives. My prayers are with you also.