June 29, 2009

Cool Movies

Jrex's evaluation of a movie short that we caught on PBS:
We saw a great short film on PBS the other day-it's only 20
minutes long. It's called "Room 10" starring Robin Wright Penn and Kris
Kristoferson and actually co-directed by Jennifer Aniston. The soliloquy
by Kristoferson is one of the best descriptions of what makes a marriage
for the long haul – beautiful, real without mushy hollywood sentiment.

You can watch it for free on Hulu:

Last night we watched Bella, which is out on DVD. It's a beautiful, impressionistic movie that will linger in your mind for the next few days. An exploration of how one day can change your life. The director/writer's inspiration sprang from his grandmother's phrase, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans". It's got one of the best male Latino characters I've ever seen. Flawed, yet gentle, he seems like someone you'd treasure as a friend.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thanks for the insights.

But you keep getting sidetracked from the main issue.
When do we get to see the Canadian vacation photos?

Anonymous said...

Excellent photos from Canada. A thrill to see them -- and you.

But you hid them on Facebook.

It figures. It's a more flexible format.