June 1, 2009

Photo Ops and sleepy eyes

This is a man you'd only know if you were a true geek. I only got to know him from working on this client's shows. He's the grandfather/Santa Claus of developers.

For the show this year, the client decided to save money by not doing a traditional video screen. The question was, what would replace it? This guy, let's call him Father Code, has created really cool tshirts for the last 14 years of the show. I thought we should ask him if he'd want to create the banner. Longer story than I have the brains to tell, we did it.

It's 70 feet wide and 16 feet tall. And that's him signing his artwork.
Below are some random show photos. All graphics designed by moi.

I'm on my fifth round of caffeine, plus my very first Red Bull and none of it is touching how much I want to sleep!


Aimee said...

I hope you get to sleep soon!

Rachel said...

Love the photos. It must be so fun to see your handiwork all around you like that. May you get some rest.

OTR sister said...

Looks incredible!

Hilary & Mike said...

Sleepy enough to stomach Red Bull, that is...remarkable. Nice job, and I hope you get to sleep soon!


mary said...

wow! love it! i always imagined what you meant by shows! having these pictures is awesome. you're so talented. so much happening at once. must be stressful. i don't think i can handle such a roller coaster type of job. =) looks so great!!!

do you feel sad once the show is over and all your stuff gets taken down?