June 24, 2009

Biker Buddies

In riding CalTrain each morning, I've developed chatting relationships with three people. Each are bikers. We've bonded over late trains, waking up early (or late) and how much better the vacation schedule is in Europe. This morning, two of the three were at the station waiting with me. European Architect was very early (for him). He said he's shifted from five days to working four longer days due to the recession. The grin on his face when he said, "Ah, Fridays off!" told me how he really felt.

Bright Smile is in her mid-forties. I've learned over many of our rides together that she's a mother with two young children. This morning I happily whined to Bright Smile about how sore my finger tips were from climbing last night. We chatted on the train about climbing, vacations, our gondola fiasco in Whistler. As we got off, she introduced me to another biker who also climbs at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale.

Starting the day off with friendly people, riding in the crisp morning air, watching newly molted goslings wobble through the marsh, hearing birds calling their greetings: I love my ride.


otrmama said...

So...does this mean you're a morning person? I consider myself a morning person because I get most of my work done in the morning. But I can't imagine being sociable in the morning. Maybe it's a biker thing.

OTRgirl said...

nah. just an extroverted deal, I think. If you ask Jrex, I'm definitely NOT a morning person. I get very crabby first thing, but by the time I leave the house, I'm fairly awake. I think of morning people as those who wake up cheerful.