May 30, 2009

The end is nigh

Whoo-hoo. Finally on-site. All the signage looks great. Just survived my first client walkthrough on The Little Bastard show. I really wasn't required in terms of any decisions or content, but the client loves joking around with me so the Account Exec asked me to come along to help him be in a better mood. Seems to have worked.

The best part for me is that I'm wearing my hiking boots and running up and down the stairs in the conference center. Sure I'm getting hot and sweaty, but I'm in training for hiking in Whistler next week. No matter what happens on-site or how many times I have to run back and forth to the staff office, I'm cheerful as I think of that.

Tomorrow night is the walkthrough on The Big Show. I'm looking forward to grammar battles between the Big Boss and the Marketing Lead that I work with. Lots of power struggles and hidden drama. Fun times.

As has been said before, "Why can't we all just get along?"

So. The grammar question is, if I want to credit the above quote, should it say, "Thanks Rodney" or "Thanks, Rodney"?


OTR sister said...

According to my main proofer here in the communications world it would be Thanks Rodney.

Anonymous said...

Willful debasement of grammar is a vice of the past 50 years. Plus, e-mail and texting have been vile contributors to the devaluation and destruction of the English language.

You should have written, "Thanks, Rodney".

Source: New York Times Stylebook

OTRgirl said...

See...the root of the dilemma.

Someone thought to add vinyl in order to make it "Thanks Rodney!" which has quieted the masses.

Aimee said...

Too late to matter now, but I think it should be with a comma, whether you use an exclamation point or not.

OTR sister said...

Is Rodney speaking it and the thanks is a salutation or are you thanking him for speaking it? I guess the example is a mite confusing.

OTRgirl said...

It's supposed to be us thanking him for creating the art. We added the exclamation point, and it never became an issue.