May 29, 2009

Special Sauce

I've intended to write this since Sunday night! Sheesh.

On Monday, Memorial Day, Jrex headed into lab by 8 AM. By 10 AM, I sat at my computer to work on more 'hot' elements due to the printer by first thing Tuesday. We were due at Smart Girl's Memorial Day BBQ by 4 PM. By 3:15 PM, I'd uploaded files and jumped up to make my 'whole grain salad' (Smart Girl's request when I offered to bring something).

I had a vague notion of a salad, but hadn't fully figured out the details and timing. I rushed into the kitchen and started chopping garlic. Jrex was home, though still working on his computer. I was distracted, rushed, and chopping garlic...and...oops. I looked down and saw part of my fingernail and a bit of the side pad of my fingernail were gone. I grabbed a paper towel while cursing loudly. Jrex jumped up and asked if I'd hurt myself.

"Yes." I answered in a tense voice. Unfortunately for him, he's used to the follow-up question, "Do we need to go to the emergency room?"

"No," I responded, "There's nothing to stitch." For some reason, he thought that meant it wasn't that bad, and I was (apparently) in shock, so in my mind, I still needed to get ready for the party. Jrex came into the kitchen to take over the chopping and prep work, and I went to wash my hair. I'll spare you the details, but one handed hair washing while elevating and applying pressure was very 'interesting'.

I came back to the kitchen and directed Jrex as he finished the salad. It turned out great:

1 small red onion
2 cloves garlic
Saute in pot on medium heat.
Add finely chopped red bell pepper until just tender.
Add 2 c water, 1 cup Quinoa. Bring to boil, reduce to simmer 25 minutes.
Meanwhile, chop 2 heirloom tomatoes,
dice 2 bell peppers (one orange, one red)
1 Belgian endive
Put into large bowl. Sprinkle 2 Tb Basil, 1 tsp fresh ground pepper, 1/2 tsp salt.
When Quinoa mixture is done, dump on top of fresh veggies and spices.

Optional: one small section of finger...

Line a serving platter with fresh mixed greens. Heap Quinoa mix on top. Top with crumbled feta and lightly toasted pine nuts.

When Jrex finished the sauteing and final chopping, I mixed it all up and plated it all. He handled the saran wrap (no more sharp edges for me). Then he cleaned up and got ready to dress my wound. As he peeled back my pressure bandage (aka paper towel), he exclaimed, "I thought you said it wasn't bad!" I snapped back, "I said there's nothing to stitch! I never said it wasn't bad." shock...great for loving communication, right?

He cleaned it up, bandaged me up and we went off to the party. Everyone loved the salad.

The best part? It's my left middle finger, which I've had to keep elevated. It's been the perfect week to be able to flash that at everyone!


Mama Nabi said...

The salad sounds scrumptious... minus the bloody fingertip. I'm such a wuss about these things! My sister sliced off a potion of her thumbpad while bowling. Not sure how it happened... but she was giving people thumbs up. Not as cool as flipping people the bird, though. Hope it's healing well! ouch...

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I cut my finger wih a knife once and had to sit on the bathroom floor for a long time. You sound much hardier than I! Cool that you get to flip everyone off, though. "What? I'm not flipping you off. I hurt my finger!" ;^)

- Beth

OTRgirl said...

Well...when Jrex was changing the bandage, let's just say the walls shrank toward me, the room grew dark and I almost keeled over. Plus, it took three days of him changing the bandage and me whimpering loud enough to get the dog whining before I could look at it.

The sad truth? Changing my own bandage yesterday felt like almost as much a victory as finishing the show.

Hilary & Mike said...

Thanks for the recipe, I love quinoa. I hope your finger is on the mend. I really enjoy dressing changes but can't say that that would go for my own! H

OTR sister said...

Made this salad last night and both T and I liked it a lot. Couldn't find endive (I know, California is better than Seattle) so used romaine and added savory baked tofu, just cuz.

Sorry about the finger!