March 17, 2008

I think I need the next month off...

It was SO good to get away and see my family. I got back to work by 12:30 today and the insanity started right away. I'm already exhausted again. And frustrated. And mildly depressed.

Remember how one of the other designers in the department was doing a parallel show? How I was nervous about that dynamic? Well, no longer! They're pulling her off of it and hiring the woman I replaced to pick up the slack. Yeah, Design Guru used to work for my company and left to do freelance work. She is now going to work full-time on this silly one-day conference. However, she can't start for a few days. So, in the lull before the rest of the hurricane that is the show I'm working on, I have to fix everything that our other designer did wrong (in the eyes of this persnickity client).

Does that sound convoluted? It's still not as twisted as all this feels in real life. I feel like I'm trapped in version of Survivor or Big Brother. Like I'm in all these weird alliances where I can't tell the others what's really going on. Everyone tells me their confidential stuff and I dump it all on Jrex, but have to play weird games at work. It's SO lame.

I still liked Jrex's response to my client's insanity: "Hmmm...might I suggest a nice pair of shoes? Something in fresh cement? I hear the view at the bottom of the Bay is really nice this time of year..."


Rachel said...

Ugh, I hate office politics. May you get through it all in one piece!

And I like what JRex said. :)

Snickollet said...

Glad you had a good trip and that it came at a time when you really needed the getaway.

The office politics sound like a total drag. Dramadramadrama! I hope that the rehired freelancer doesn't just add to the fracas.

Anonymous said...

Well, you had fun with the family right, that's the good woman finding her silver lining:)

I loathe the work drama/politics too, hang in there woman!

Aimee said...

Yuck on the office politics. BTDT and it's no fun.

I forget if you mentioned when the show is, so here's to hoping this broo haha ends soon!

Mama Nabi said...

Wow. That is one convoluted situation - plus the client.

Do those cement shoes come with their own drums?

Beloved said...

Ugh. I hate work stress and yours sounds so extreme.

JRex's comment...too funny. That's exactly the relief I'd be looking for after a brutal day dealing with all that.

Inkling said...

Politics. Ugh. Those are always hard, and make me click my heels together and wish to be transported to a deserted island. Wanna come too? I'll bring the sunscreen.

Hey, my comments are no longer showing up consistently in my email box, so I don't get to reply on most of them. But I wanted to thank you for the totally wise, eloquent, encouraging, wonderful comments you always offer. They are such a gift, and the last one especially made me feel like there was someone out there who had a real clue as to what I was feeling. That was huge to me today. Thank you so very much.