March 4, 2008

Back and Slammed already

Thursday through Saturday was my uncle's funeral. I'm so glad I went. I love my family. I usually feel like a fairly unique individual, but then I get in a room full of my 7 aunts and many female cousins and find out I'm one of a tribe. We're all gregarious, opinionated, intense, randomly thoughtful and randomly oblivious, loyal and full of laughter--despite life's hardships. I was reminded that our roots are in farms and ranches as we cleared my aunt's property of broken tree branches. There was an ice storm in December and her huge yard looked like there'd been a tree massacre. One of my uncles, Uncle Strong Silent, wielded a chainsaw like an extension of his arm. My cousins and other uncle split wood with an ax like they'd done that for years. Aunt Ruby tore around the yard on her John Deere rider mower with little kids in her lap. I felt like SUCH a city girl as I tottered around behind a wheelbarrow full of branches. I must admit, it was easy to choose to take my assignment as a documentary photographer MUCH more seriously than I really needed to!

On Sunday we hosted our supper club. That meant mad cleaning all afternoon. Then work hit me between the eyes. It's 8:50 pm and I'm about to head home. Yikes! I keep thinking it will all slow down, but so far, not so much.

It's weird here at work, but much more pleasant without Stressed Eeyore sitting next to me. We all keep commenting how we feel guilty for feeling so relieved, but life feels more simple now. I can take breaks and chill out with my team. Chat when I want to (probably why I'm still at work!)

Anyway, I have more profound thoughts rambling around about the redemption of a man and the reminder that true change IS possible, but no brain power to put words on that. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive.


Snickollet said...

I'm glad you enjoyed time with your family and that you could be there for your uncle's funeral.

A propos of nothing, my new color scheme is much like yours, and the same template, too. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :). I hadn't noticed the similarities until I popped over to read this post today.

Mama Nabi said...

How is it that your funeral stories makes me yearn for a 'fun' family like yours? Ah, it is so true that families who can come together for both happy and sad times are the families that stick together.

mary said...

my offfice mate will probably be let go this friday and although i feel bad for her, i am glad that it'll be better for the office in the long run