November 12, 2007


On Thursday, SmartGirl picked me up at 1:30 and we drove off for the weekend. On our way to a four-day retreat in beautiful "Cow-Town" California (aka Vacaville), we stopped off at the Jelly Belly factory for a tour.
As we put on our paper hats and joined a shuffling line gazing at video screens and looking down at acres of jelly beans, I did wonder if we were going to be trapped in a Willy Wonka movie. My big regret is not buying the pepper or sausage jelly beans that I tried. They actually tasted 'right' while still being jelly beans! They've produced a Harry Potter series of jelly beans, including dirt and bugar flavors. I did NOT try those.

Sunday we wandered home with stops at the Outlet Mall and Walnut Creek, CA. The retreat was good, but I don't have a lot of words for it. As with the silent retreat, there are things I need to mull over a bit. My biggest take-away is that I'm on the right track, which is always comforting.

I arrived home at 4:15 pm to find Jrex toiling in the kitchen. We've joined a new Supper Club with three other couples. At 6:30 we were due at their house for an Italian food dinner. Jrex assembled an anti-pasti plate as well as ricotta eggplant rolls covered in homemade red sauce for our appetizer course. He bought some pre-dinner Italian wine (Prosecco? No idea). When we arrived with the food, people kept looking at me as they asked what things were. I shrugged and pointed to Jrex, "Ask the chef. I have no idea!"

Next month we've decided to do a 'favorite Christmas dish' theme. It's not my family's recipe, but I've got a great garlic mashed potato recipe and I'll do hot mulled cider and apple crisp in honor of Mom (Dad's only 'real' recipe is corned beef and hash--I'm not a fan).


Rachel said...

Wow, you've been retreating a lot lately. I never went to the jelly belly factory, but some of the flavors sound intriguing. That meal sounds delish. I vote for apple crisp.

OTRgirl said...

Well, the silent retreat last weekend was just a few hours and felt like a preparation for this one. I've felt out of whack for a while now (like I had a tornado swirling in my brain half the time). It's nice to have peace again.

Beloved said...

You have no idea how jealous I am that your husband cooks! For me, it's more like rushing home before 5 o'clock to throw something together so I can hopefully have food in my stomach before I'm starving to death at 6. :(

Anonymous said...

Callooo, callllay,
O frabjooouous day --
Another blog
from Sojournering.

Mama Nabi said...

mmm, that dinner does sound yummy.
Some of those jelly belly flavors? Not so much. Ick!

B.E.C.K. said...

Ooh! Touring the Jelly Belly factory sounds like fun -- my son would love it (and so would I). I bought him the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and we tried a few. Managed to get "dirt" down, but both had to spit the sausage-flavored bean into the trash right away lest we vomit. ;^) After keeping the rest of the beans around for a while, I finally threw them out because we had no intention of experimenting further after that.

jen h. said...

seems that you know more than one SmartGirl? you are like a smart girl magnet.