November 6, 2007


This morning I had to walk the dog before dashing out to catch the train. I was in my usual assortment of bike commuter based oddities: from the waist up, the formal side of business casual. From the waist down, nylon pants, sneakers and an orange pants clip.

As usual the mutt just had to select the best ivy patch in which to hide her 'stuff'. She picked an area near a really busy intersection. As usual, I had to venture on a treasure hunt in a stranger's ivy patch to clean up after her (she's become a snob--grass is no longer an acceptable medium for her business).

When we were done, I tried to hurry across the street before the truck that was barreling towards us. Muttola kept stopping in the middle of the road to try to nip her own back. I rushed us both across the street and then checked what was bothering her. Two yellow jackets were trying to burrow into her fur! I grabbed a stick and started trying to dig them out without pissing them off. I'm running late, freaked out that the dog is about to get stung, cussing at the yellowjackets and pushing a stick around in her fur. I must have looked like a maniac trying to beat her dog on the side of the road!

I've never heard of bees burrowing into a dog! They didn't seem angry, just seeking a cozy dark place. Fortunately, the mutt doesn't seem to have been stung and I made my train, but if you read another blog that mentions the Maniac of Menlo Park, you'll know The Rest of the Story.


marklloyd777 said...

It is getting cold out. I don't blame those bees for looking for anything warm.

bty, this is from Mark Lloyd--remember me and the free lunch passes? I'd love to hear from you. My email is You can also check out my blog, though it's really just links to pics, at

Loved the post about cross-cultural marriage. Sounds like you and Jrex are handling it well.


B.E.C.K. said...

Ech! You're a very good citizen for hunting in the ivy for your dog's presents. I sometimes dogsit for my sister's dog, and he invariably likes to back up to a shrub to poop. I've taken to letting do the whole backup procedure, then pulling him forward just as he's about to poop. At that point, there's nothing he can do about it, and I don't have to scrape poop out of a shrub. ;^)

Mama Nabi said...

Just so you know... the image of you poking Muttola and cursing the yellowjackets under your breath - and the thought of someone, having witnessed it, blogging about this Maniac Poker... well, let's just say, I thank you, OTRgirl, for one hell of a laugh.

Hope Muttola is not traumatised...!

Beloved said...

Too funny!