July 11, 2007

We're off

Well, I just found out that I won't start work until the 23rd. Ugh! I'm trying to scrounge up some design jobs for the next week. I'm definitely sick of sitting around our house. I guess I'll pretend I'm a teacher and off for the summer. Do some painting. Finish a sculpture I stated over two years ago. File my nails. Go stir crazy...

We're leaving tonight to fly to Rochester, NY for one of my best friend's weddings. At least this time Jrex can come along. Fortunately for him, he knows many people who will be at the wedding. In fact, contrary to all claims to introversion, he's the one with the packed social schedule. I'm just there to help the bride, he's got three lunches scheduled, a breakfast and visits to old friends in his U of R lab. I'd hoped we could go for a walk at Mendon Ponds, the place he proposed to me, but at this rate by the end of the weekend I'll be asking, "Jrex, who? Oh, the cute guy who sat next to me on the airplane? Sure, I'd love to meet him."

Sunday or Monday I should have some fun photos and stories to share.


Snickollet said...

Have a wonderful time. And enjoy the down time until the 23rd. I have to say, ten days to go stir crazy sounds like heaven to me. Can I send you a few of my personal projects to work on :) ?

Beloved said...

Hope you have fun in New York. You two should come a little northeast and visit us in Vermont! It's only. . . 6 hours. :)