July 5, 2007

The Waiting...

The word on the street is that I'm the top candidate. I was supposed to see an offer this morning, but the headhunter called to tell me that a couple of key decision makers are out of the office (good old July 4th!). Her contact at [The Firm] is hoping to have the offer finished early next week.

I've never done this whole offer/counter-offer/contract deal before in my life. How long does it take? Obviously The Firm is in no great rush! Financially this could really suck, but the timing is good otherwise. Jrex and I are flying out Wednesday night on the red-eye to Rochester, NY. One of my best friends is getting married and I'll be sporting my periwinkle bridesmaid's dress.

All my previous jobs were verbal agreements (yeah, yeah, I know it's stupid, blah blah blah). Jrex is still in training so HE hasn't ever done the offer dance either. We're a couple of middle-aged (well, in a decade or so...) babes-in-the-woods!


k. said...

You labeled this "insecurity"? Sheesh.

Here's all the wisdom I have been given: never accept the first offer they give you. On the other hand, when I followed that advice, my soon-to-be boss just looked blankly at me and said, "Um, well, this is the starting salary we all came in at...."

So, in other words, I got nothing.

crajee chick said...

CONGRATS!! that's great news!!!

Humor Girl said...

I HATE the waiting game! That's exactly what i'm doing right now for teacher jobs. DAMN 4th!

Snickollet said...

Oooh, congrats! Exciting.

I've done the whole offer/counteroffer a few times. It's stressful. I think it's a little easier when you're going through a headhunter; in fact, depending on how much you like/trust the headhunter you're working with, I'd discuss your counteroffer with her and say: "I'd be more comfortable with X salary; do you think it's realistic?"

Good luck. I hope you can leave this behind (mentally) and enjoy the wedding, periwinkle dress and all.