July 6, 2007

I love being unemployed!

Here's what I did with my glorious first day of unemployment:

1. grembled at Jrex for waking me up with questions and good mornings at the ridiculously early hour of 7:30.
2. rolled over and finished the totally trashy Regency romance Novel I'd started the night before.
3. checked email and Instant Messaged with people from the Game Design job.
4. figured I should start my day with some food...at noon. Just a quick snack
5. rode my bike to the Aveda salon to exchange the super saturating, made my hair feel like a grease pit, "Smoothing" shampoo for my beloved Shampure. So much for change and adventure.
6. rode to Palo Alto to meet a new friend for lunch.

New Friend is from Cincinnati so we happily remembered ice cream at Graeters and alternative music shows at Bogarts and Sudsy Malones. She knows my 'hood, at least by reputation, so she asked great questions about what it was like to grow up there. We discussed the riots of 2001 and how it has decimated my neighborhood as well as downtown. She told me that The Maisonette, the oldest continuously running 5 star restaurant in the country, closed last year since people are still afraid to go downtown. When she mentioned Arnold's restaurant it was fun to mention that I used to babysit the owner's children. (I'm SORRY, OTRmama--the kids were great even if their Dad was a bit narcissistic. Yes, it's true that at my mother's funeral Mr. Arnold stood outside and shook hands with the 500 mourners. He was running for mayor at the time, or something like that--but Mrs. Arnold and the kids were wonderful.)

7. rode back. Stopped by the Library to get books and CDs for the weekend. Chatted with my homeless buddy outside the library. Also chatted with a new homeless guy who had a sign pinned on his suitcase "I need shelter. Something basic like a garage or a shed." He looks like a college prof, older, white, nice glasses, clean. A little twitchy, but not totally over the edge. I didn't have any of the resources he needs, but I'm worried for him. I hate living in a world with such vast gaps in resources. The whole story would take it's own post... I'm just sad for him right now.
8. walked La Mutt. Considered buying a flat of fresh strawberries from the nice man on the corner, but didn't have the cash.
9. sat down to write a quick, short entry (ha!)


Humor Girl said...

Soooo....other then your brush with satan at 730...You died and went to heaven.

Snickollet said...

Sounds delightful. Enjoy the break!

Sorry I missed your call; I actually had a friend over for a grown-up dinner! Very uncommon these days, but was lots of fun. Hope we can talk soon.