July 10, 2007

I have an offer!

I literally just did a post about how I was sure I was going to have to wait until tomorrow to hear anything when the headhunter called me!

I'm in the middle of trying to get past the excited ball rolling and jumping in my stomach to figure out how to gracefully negotiate. Let me just say: full medical, full dental, pension plan, 401(k) and 20 days off a year plus six paid holidays! It's at the low end of the pay range for designers in this area, but the full package sounds great.

I've never had a career job. This feels huge. What have I gotten myself into?!


k. said...

Ha, and I was just ready to leave a comment on the post about the small group--but when I clicked the link, the title changed from "Et cetera" to "I have an offer!", and I thought, "Well, Harmless, evidently you are a little slow on the uptake again...."

Congrats! The package sounds awesome--better even than the package at my career job. Salary can be negotiated. Or not, too!

Mazel tov!

Inkling said...

Congrats! I'm excited for you. I'll be praying you have just the mixture of wisdom, confidence, and graciousness you need to get the salary that makes you feel satisfied. You'll have to keep us posted on the adventures at your new job. I wonder if there will be a Rye Guy....