July 24, 2007

Sigh of regret

I've been too disheartened to post. I had a wonderful photo essay to share with you. Title: "Guess the event?!". Photos of little children in pointy hats. An adult dressed in green with vines twining up and down the gown, brown pointy hat and aloe in hand. A short man with a long blong wig, black robe and stamp with a snake writhing through a skull standing next to a grinning 'tourist'. Inside, surrounded by children, wearing a vaguely Robin Hoodish outfit, a HUGE man reading aloud. A photo of a sign mounted to a chain-link enclosure: "Hit the Snitch" and then a shot of a poor little kid, baseball bat in hand, sitting astride a broomstick on a bench. Images of painted tubas as the Stanford marching band, in all their 'normal' crazy outfits and planned insanities take over the sidewalk to the cheers of the crowd.

All that wonderfulness was tragically over-written by photos of the next day. I'll try and post the new photos tomorrow (we drove three hours south to visit some friends and came back via Route 1 and Big Sur). But I'm a little bitter toward the new photos, so it might be hard.

Oh, and I started my job finally. More to come on that as well. Once I finish grieving.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and wishing you well...hope things improve on your end.

The pics of the Potter party sound lovely though!

Beloved said...

Sorry for your loss.

We'll take any photos at all, though. No complaints.

scarp said...

bummer :/

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a loss.
I've gone Sojournering
daily in the expectation
of seeing those photos.
Bummer indeed.

Am excited to hear about
the new job.

cadbury_vw said...

just so you know - there are programs that will allow you to recover lost data - sometimes even when its been overwritten by new data

even on flash memory cards

i use R-Studio