June 21, 2007

Good Times

I'm excited for this coming weekend!

Tomorrow night one of the women from my wives small group is picking me up for Friday night at the de Young museum. Her hubby is also a work-aholic so we should get lots of chances to hang out!

Jrex's uncle moved within an hour of us last week and promptly had a very mild heart attack. Jrex has been trekking over there almost daily since then to be a medical and linguistic go-between for the family and surgeons. His uncle is scheduled for surgery (valve replacement and bypass) tomorrow and we're probably going to head over there on Saturday to check-in. I haven't been to see them yet. The great thing is that his cousin owns a Korean restaurant in SF, so we'll get paid back in lots of free meals!

Saturday night is the West Coast reception, aka Chinese Banquet extraordinaire, for one of my closest friends from Baltimore. She moved out here a couple months after I did. I haven't seen her since they got married at the end of May. It'll be great to see them both and very fun to dig in to a twelve course meal that includes some shark-fin soup.

Then Sunday afternoon we drive another hour to hang out with Philosopher and her husband and daughter. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the husbands (two introverts, a Brit and a Korean, are dragged together by their wives...)

Anybody else doing anything fun this weekend?

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. It's sweet that JRex is playing translator for his uncle. It reminds me of what my husband did for FIL.

I envy you the trip to the de Young and the Chinese banquet. Have fun!