June 12, 2007

Five Facts Game

I saw this over at Korean Goldfish and thought I’d give it a try. I’ve modified it a little into the Five Facts Game.

Basically, I’m about to tell you Five Facts and one Fabrication. You get to figure out which one is the fabrication.

1. In my klutz factor, I came one misplaced foot from falling off a 30-foot cliff while setting up a climbing anchor. I’ve never a paler face on a trip leader. I never told Jrex.

2. When I was a teenager I had a dog that had been trained to be racist. At the request of neighborhood kids we would throw rocks for her to chase. Usually she didn’t care about the kids, just the rock, but it made them feel like they were being chased by a dog. One day she actually got excited by the running pack of kids and, to their horror, easily jumped the chain-link fence to continue the chase.

3. Growing up in a neighborhood where it was common to be talked to on the street by older guys (cars slowed down every time I waited at a light to cross the street. Damn Johns), I gave myself a fake name. “Yo, slim! What’s your name?” I’d toss out my pseudonymn. If a guy called out, “Hey, Amy!” I knew to just wave and keep walking.

4. I once dated a guy who’d worked briefly as a car mechanic. He refused to teach me to change the oil and the break pads. Not because I was a woman, or ditzy, he just didn’t want to deal with the klutz factor.

5. I’ve always been afraid of heights.

6. When asked to describe a perfect vacation day, I remember a trip Jrex and I took to Scotland. In the morning we shopped for gifts in the only town on the Isle of Skye. After a lunch of Fisherman’s Pie we hiked up to the Old Man of Storr in gale force winds. We then drove to the northern tip of the island and changed into fancy clothes in the car so we could go to dinner. We still compare every seafood restaurant to the fresh-caught seafood platter we ate at the Floragarry Hotel. None has yet measured up. During the 40-minute drive back to the B&B the deep blue twighlight lingered enough so we could steer around sheep basking on the asphalt and gasp at gorgeous views of the ocean and craggy rocks.

The winner will get a free, all-expense paid link to their blog, or if they don’t have one, I’ll make up a fabrication about them in their honor.


scarp said...

Hmmm, I was going to write out my reasoning, but I don't want to ruin the fun for others. Let's just say I can feel pretty certain about the truthfulness of a couple of those. And I can totally see a couple others being true. So I've narrowed down to the mechanic or the fear of heights, but I won't explain why this early in the game... Watch me be totally wrong ;)

k. said...

I think it's the mechanic--but if I'm right, honey, the fabrication for me will end up being so bland sounding that only you, I, and our respective Js would get it.

Rachel said...

I think the fear of heights is a lie.

We used to play this game in my classes sometimes.

Beloved said...

Yes, I guess the fear of heights. They say that when you lie you add a lot of details and this one is the shortest. That's all I've got. Final answer. :)

Mama Nabi said...

Hm... I've seen pictures you've taken at high heights... so I'm leaning towards that. But then, I have a fear of elevators yet I ride them everyday. The racist dog one sounds suspect. How does one train a dog to be one? Okay, I'm going with the racist dog - but if I'm wrong, you gotta expand on that story!

Sandra said...

I'm guessing #2. :)

OTR sister said...

I'm going with the fear of heights. Growing up in a tall, narrow 4-story house you enjoyed hanging out on the roof and at the edge of the roof too much for that to be true.

Although I don't know who the mechanic would be. But you had a lot of random boyfriends in college.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the racist dog...my second choice if I was so inclined to have one, would be the fear of heights:)

Can't wait for the answer!

otr mama said...

When did you guys go to Scotland?

Paul said...

No. five's the lie, I say confidently. Because if I'm wrong, how do you prove it on a blog!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a R.B.I.C., I'd say the fear of heights.- JAO