February 16, 2007

A new name for an annoying holiday

Jrex and I aren't big on Valentine's Day. I've always thought that if you are in a relationship, it shouldn't be necessary, and if you aren't in one, then it's just a big, annoying reminder. Valentine's evening, I hung out with two friends who are single, one is a guy in his 30's the other a woman in her latter 40's. She told me her son picked her up from work and took her to a movie. When he picked her up he gave her a flower and said, "Happy Single Awareness Day, Mom!"

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Anonymous said...

Single Awareness Day, that's one I'll remember...we've never been big on the holiday either, but at my kids school, they have parties, we have to send in a card for everyone, gifts for teachers, snacks, all the stuff that makes the everyday grind feel like a little bit of torture. We got it done and after all that they had a snow day on Valentines, my cute kids reminded Daddy, and they brought me some flowers and a balloon at work, from them of course, it was sweet.

Glad you're well:)