February 22, 2007

Curious Niece Explores the House

I've always suspected kids don't really need toys. BlondeNiece mostly ignored the ones her parents dragged with them in favor of reorganizing our bookshelves, or exploring the object at hand.

She discovered that our table had a handy climbing platform. The dog seemed a little confused at the invasion of her naps by misplaced feet.

When Jrex saw my precarious stack of phone books and towels he was confused, "Don't I have a book that would work?" I'd forgotten the shelf of medical books in the back room! Well, at least Cancer is good for something.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time with the family, thanks for the pics, kids are so funny. I try not to bring toys when we travel anymore, it's a waste of space usually.

On your previous post (sorry just catching up with you) know you're not alone in the thoughts on dealing with the "pile" and the waiting and wondering stuff when it comes to prayer and response.

Living in "today" is what I try to do, sometimes it's a struggle, but it helps me deal with the "pile".

Mama Nabi said...

"cancer is good for something"... ha ha. My boss's hematology book would have also worked. You'd think these doctors would have some biceps from lifting these books!
Niece is so darling (from the behind - nice aunt protecting her privacy!)... they really are little monkey at this age, aren't they? We always pack a bag of books and toys but LN always finds other (breakable) items more entertaining... and climbing where they shouldn't climb.