February 15, 2007

I'm a slacker, what can I say?

Sorry for my lack of posts, as well as little chance to read other people's blogs. Even though the design work is mostly boring, it's quick turnarounds. Plus, having to run off to bike to the train station means I don't have time to write my usual high-art blog entries (ha!).

Lots going on:
-Little Sis (aka OTRsis), hubby and niece are coming this weekend. (The mixup where I borrowed a Pack n Play, toted it home on the train, and called her to see what I should buy at the store--only to find out she wasn't coming LAST weekend is another post.)

-OTRsis wanted to do Dim Sum in Chinatown. I corrected her and told her that she really wants Dim Sum in Daly City, which has THE Chinese restaurant in the area, Koi Palace. We have to leave the house on Saturday at 9:30 am sharp to get there before the lines start. In any case, Chinese New Year seems like a great day to Dim Sum.

-I'm really excited to see my niece! Hope she and the dog get along when they can't get away from each other...

UPDATE: They've arrived safely. The dog and my niece are enjoying each other. In that BlondeNiece reaches out to pat the air when Muttola is lying safely on the floor two feet away from her. It's a mutual love, with Muttola Hoovering underneath Blonde Niece as she feeds herself fistfuls of Cheerios.

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Rachel said...

We never made it to Koi Palace, sadly, but I've heard it's the best. I'm jealous! And yeah, get there early. The lines for dim sum are always insane. Have fun with your sister.