February 11, 2007

Kai Bai Bo!

The Korean version of Rock, Paper Scissors involves the added element of violence; making it a version I enjoy much more than the tame American one. Players reach a left hand to grasp their opponents. Sort of a left-handed handshake. With their right hand in a fist, they pound the air in time to the chant: “Kai…Bai…Bo!” On “Bo!” they reveal their choice of flat hand for bo or paper (or cloth), fist for rock or bai, and two fingers extended for kai or scissors. The winner gets to slap their opponent’s hand. The game has a rapid pace: “kai, bai, bo!” slap. “kai, bai, bo” slap.

This morning as two brown eyes peered hopefully over the edge of the bed, as the rain pattered outside the window, Jrex opened bleary eyes, grinned and said, “Kai, Bai, Bo?” I laughed and nodded. We skipped the violence, I mean really, no hitting each other before 10 am right?

Our right hands in fists we pounded, “Kai…bai…bo!” Two scissors.

“Kai…bai…bo!” Two rocks. We both started laughing, “Really, honey, I think we’re taking oneness a little too far here!” I gasped.

“Kai…bai…bo!” Two scissors. More laughter.

“OK. Focus. Once more, with feeling.”

“Kai…bai…bo!” He—bai. Me—bo. “Ha! Have fun, sucka!” (I’m a really good sport)

Here’s a link to a history of the game, which claims it’s mostly Japanese. Clearly the author is a biased reporter who neglects to realize that everything in the world originated in Korea. Just ask my Father-in-law!


k. said...

No, no, it originated in Finland. Only words are never actually uttered and the signs are made with the ends of your fingers. Coffee is also involved. ;-)

Melissa said...

I'm not sure where it came from but people (read: Koreans) may start a campaign to change the whole game if it is believed to have originated in Japan. :)

Today I made Dak Dori Tang (spicy chicken stew) and I was informed that "dori" is a Japanese word and that the prefered new usage is "Dak Maewoon Tang".

I rather like the sound of the full Korean name actually but ... you know ... it all still tastes like chicken. ;)

Have a good day ~

Beloved said...

You can ask my husband, too. He'll verify that
everything originated in Korea.

Mama Nabi said...

Wait... if you didn't get violent on each other, what DID the winner get??

OTRgirl said...

The winner got to stay in a nice warm bed and the loser had to walk the dog!

OTRgirl said...
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