September 5, 2006

Last Day at work

In case you’re wondering, denial works! On Friday we all acted like it was an ordinary day at work, and therefore no one had to get emotional. Fantastic!

Of everyone in the office, the one person who got emotional was the last one I expected. When BossTwo came in to say goodbye he gave me a huge hug and told me how much they would miss me. Then he gave me another hug and had tears in his eyes! Wow. It’s weird cause BossOne complains so much about how BossTwo (her husband) won’t show his emotion, but it’s in there. Maybe she just doesn’t get his humor and has trouble letting him express emotion in his own way and time?

RyGuy’s parting comment was, “If you get in an earthquake you gotta call and tell me about it. You know I love hearing about that s__”

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bg's Little Sis said...

Last days at work can reveal a lot, i agree.