September 5, 2006

Here today and gone tomorrow

I’m home for one day. Yesterday we drove home from Staten Island after a fun weekend with the in-laws, tomorrow I fly to California to search for an apartment. Here are three (long, sorry!) entries about the last few days in reverse chronological order.

I didn't find the outfit to slay all outfits, but I found some great stuff at H&M (two skirts, two shirts) and four pair of shoes at Macy's. Three were $15 shoes (marked down from $80-90). One pair are my interview shoes. Naturalizer--so as comfortable as three inch heels can be! I love shopping with Mom K. She has great taste and is very trendy. I only have one interview set up for the Cali trip anyway, so I should be fine with what I have.


Anonymous said...

Thanks OTR girl! i love it when i am referenced in the blog!! :)

i am on my way to famous, i can feel it!

jen pen said...

I can imagine that
You look so wealthy!!!

Aimee said...

Oooh! Take pics of the clothes and shoes. Would rather that you're wearing them, so we see the chic, trendy you.

Good luck with apartment hunting!

bg's Little Sis said...

Great shoe finds!!! Good luck on the trip on the interview and apartment hunting. Can't wait to hear all about it and your future hometown.