September 26, 2006

"But really all of it is flat" along with comments from prejudiced East Coasters

Ohio: "See, I TOLD you Rochester wasn't flat!"

Minnesota: "At least a pancake has a curve."

South Dakota: "I think this counts as a hill."

Badlands: Turn one way, you see the plains, but...

...turn around to see this.

Eastern Wyoming: "More desolate, but less boring than Minnesota"

Wyoming: "What do you want from a state where there are more species of grass than people?"

Grand Tetons: "Out east we call a hill a mountain, but out here they call a stream a river."

Idaho: Road signs we saw, "Watch for rock", "Watch for stock".

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah: "Flat as compelling as a Siren's call."


k. said...

I found the Salt Flats to be spooky in the same way the ocean is spooky--you just want to start walking out into them and not turn back.

I'm sure you know, but I have to share that some bored scientists discovered that Kansas is, in fact, flatter than a pancake. And I can verify that Kansas is flatter than imagine what you missed by taking the north road.

bg's Little Sis said...

Love the pics, the Badlands and the peaks, and the flatness. The Salt Flats, whew, I've never been, they do look a bit eerie. Hope the travels continue well.

Mama Nabi said...

(Your comment box hates me - always loses my first attempt! Grrr)
You guys should have swung by Twin Cities and visited - I didn't realize the trek involved driving through our lovely flat state. However, according to Minnesotans, the drive south on 35 through Iowas is a lot more boring... ha ha... Aw, we could have gabbed about the woes of lab moves and ate some Korean...

OTR sister said...

Whenever I go back to visit the Twin Cities the flatness weirds me out. Although there is a hill or two, I remember at least one distinctly.

T learned to ski on a landfill in Minnesota. One lift. Left was green, right was blue, straight was black.

When we visited you to go hiking in Shenandoah NP you asked if we were going to be Pacific Northwest mountain snobs. I think we kept our mouths shut then but now that you also are near the great mountains: Damn straight, we're mountain snobs!

OTRgirl said...

k: I love the article! But speaking as a geek, isn't it an unfair comparison? Microscope vs. global perspective seems a bit oranges vs. apples.

Thanks, little sis! It's been fun.

mama nabi: I should have thought of that! It would have been so much fun to meet you. Of course we went through the south part of the state but we could have detoured for lunch. Sigh. Well, now you have to come to California instead!

OTR sis: As always, you make me laugh. The image of poor T learning to ski on a landfill!! Your mountain snobbery! It'll be fun to be able to see you more now that we're here.