March 28, 2012


Dashing off a quick post while waiting for some files to upload.

Little Brex got his helmet on Monday morning (Insurance covered all but the deductible!). Pictures coming soon! It looks really cute on him. Unfortunately, he was also sick Monday so we ended up leaving the helmet off since it seemed like it made him hot on top of the fever. He's worn it since yesterday and seems to be adjusting well. In the last couple weeks he's transitioned from sleeping on his back to sleeping on his stomach. I like the helmet because it gives him more air space when he plants his face on top of his fat little fists to sleep. (Can I just confess how much I'm loving the baby pudge?! I didn't realize he'd even get cellulite. Cute cellulite, but still! The cool thing about it is that he gets padding everywhere that he'll need protection while crawling or walking. Don't know why that babyland factoid never occurred to me before now.)

Went to the collage class the other night. There were two women I already knew. Sadly, they were the only ones who really talked with me. Most of the women were taking the class with friends, so it was a bit of a closed loop. Still, it was fun to make some art. It gives me motivation to get my studio set up and get in there on Saturdays when the baby is sleeping.

Sunday night, Jrex and I went to The Mansion (no joke) for our 15th anniversary dinner. We enjoy food as a form of adventure, and haven't often found that yet in Dallas. The Mansion delivered for the most part. As long as we didn't pay attention to the prices! Mostly though, it was nice to sit on their cozy bench at a corner table, dressed up and in a beautiful place and just talk for a couple hours. We sorted through a conversational pattern we've been having in the last few months. My perception had been that since the baby was born, Jrex jumped into Korean mode and was expecting me to just agree with anything he said (which completely freaked me out that there was a whole package of new expectations that I would never be able to meet). From his perspective, I was making logic leaps that made no sense and so he was getting frustrated. THAT was a relief for me to hear. He's always been aggravated by sloppy logic. In fact most of our early marital disagreements had more to use with differing definitions of words than they did about actual issues. I blame pregnancy brain...

Otherwise, I have too much work to do and not enough hours. I have two freelance clients on top of a lot of work deadlines. Good times! At least the kid goes to sleep by 7 pm so I can get stuff done.

All that is to say, we're still alive down here in Tejas where it's March and 86 degrees!


NGS said...

I totally need pics of baby in helmet. So cute!!

Mizasiwa said...

Hey there OTR girl, was wondering what your decision was with the helmet - im sure it was the right decision for you :-) Glad that you and JRex got to spend some quality time together and that you are getting your 'art' on!! ;-) also meant to tell you when it changed your new background is very nice too - its weird to see it changes as for as long as iv been reading its been the same, but its nice none the less!! I hope that this easter season treats you well.