February 28, 2012

I'm definitely in Texas

After a short, windy walk, Brex and I arrived at daycare. While passing a van in the driveway, I noticed my slightly damp, slightly wavy hair had flipped out in every direction during the walk. I shrugged, who will see me to care today?

We walked into the daycare room and all the toddlers called out, "Brex! Hi, Brex! That's Brex!" or some variation. And then, from the little brunette who'd once solemnly told me, "I'm Daddy's Princess", I hear a clear little voice pronounce, "Your hair is messy."

I smiled at her, "Do you know why?"

She shook her head while staring up at me, "Because it's really windy outside and it just blew my hair all over the place."

She nodded, "Can I touch it?"

I nodded. Solemnly she reached over to feel my hair and then ran over to help the other kids pick up toys before breakfast.

It's kind of sad to be working from home, married to a guy who just doesn't notice visual details (like the specific state of my hair) and have to consider doing my hair for the sake of a two-year old!


Mizasiwa said...

such is life - you get used to it ;-)

Mizasiwa said...

such is life - you get used to it ;-)

Lil'Sis said...

I do enjoy when kids call me on out on not looking put together, they don't care per se, it's just interesting to them, loved that you let her feel your hair!