January 31, 2011

Edited to add

On Saturday, while Warm Efficiency and I were having lunch, I got two texts from my sister. She read my previous post as if Jrex didn't count himself part of my family. Being a space cadet, I couldn't even remember what I'd written so I looked up the blog on my phone. Warm Efficiency was curious about the blog, so I showed her.

She objected to the question about bulemia. "I never would have asked something like that!" She's right. I was trying to think of a question she might have asked. While I was often surprised by the questions, she would not have been that indelicate or rude. Mea culpa!

As for OTRsis, I just meant that while being close to my family is a deciding element for me, when he considered his list, he didn't need to consider what would matter for me. Of course he enjoys our family, but it's bonus, not 'essential'.

Our weighted list exercise? We both ended up with Dallas marginally ahead, but then started trying to figure out ways to make Portland work. In the end, it's a tough, tough decision and there's no clear cut winner.

On the other hand, we're in an amazing position just in having two strong options. He won't lose in either place. Sure, the lab work in Portland would be more challenging, and hiking around Dallas sounds depressing, but in either case, we'll have a good life in either place. Thanks for caring about the journey. I'm tired of thinking about it, so I wonder if you're tired of hearing about it!


otr mama said...

I'm not tired of hearing about it; but I can bet you will feel like an elephant's off your back once you decide. My mom told me how to make a tough decision along the same lines as Anonymous in your last post's comments. She said write the choices down, put them in a hat, pick one, if your initial reaction is disappointment choose the one you didn't pick.

otr mama said...

Oops! There's two of you, so what if one of you is disappointed at the choice picked and the other one is happy? Angst again. This one calls for prayer - your in mine. (Will God mind if Portland is too?)

Anonymous said...

I'm not tired of hearing about it either and I'm looking forward to following your move when you do decide. If it were me, having lived in Texas, I would go with Portland. I love that part of the US.