July 2, 2010

Maps help us see where we are

A couple days ago I learned about making mind maps thanks to a new blog find. Check out the video, it's worth the couple minutes it takes.

Since I was about to start a new journal, I decided to start with a mind map rather than a narrative. I usually start a journal with a "State of Life" entry. Where I'm living, what's important to me, and my friends list. Creating the "state of life" as a one page graphic was a fun challenge.

I drew our apartment in the middle, then a thick line to Jrex and all that's happening in his life. Another thick line to my job and all the annoyances there. A third branch out to exercise (biking and climbing) and its joys. Another to life in California and our friendships here (my restored 'best friendship' with Jrex being the biggest one). The line to my Kindle made me laugh, but it's true! I spend most of my free time reading these days. No different than before, it's just more conspicuous when it's all on the same device vs a string of changing books. Then I paused and realized I'd forgotten a line to God. OOPS. This past week I've been getting back into the rhythm of relating to him, but it's been a while. So it made sense that it wasn't one of the first things I put down. Then I added my joy/concern around my Dad moving to Seattle this week and Mom K and her future in NYC/LA.

That was it.

As a one-pager, my life felt small and insular. More so than it's ever been. No service projects, no 'ministry', no vast church network. Just a restored marriage and good friends. It fits with the ways that God's been challenging me to learn to BE rather than DO. I felt a bit weird (like it's not 'enough'), but mostly content when I looked at it. No wonder I'm fairly bland on the phone these days--there's really not that much going on!

(Well, Jrex did call to say he was asked to interview at Southwestern in Dallas. Sigh. I managed to say, "I'm proud of you" in the middle of groaning, "Don't make me do it!" He laughed at me. Mocking my pain, as usual. Sheesh. I might have to make the friend line to Jrex a little thinner...)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and not just because of the link love! Thank you for that.

I'm so glad you're finding mind mapping useful. It has saved me during times of major confusion and too much stress helping me see aspects that I was wigging about as not so bad after all.

It's also helped me see the positives and find new directions.

Your post today was one of your best ... I love all the ways you were able to see the parts of your life laid out so clearly.