July 22, 2010

Kickin' the bird out of the nest

Just to give Jrex a little more to fret about at 3:30 a.m., his advisor just had him sign papers to the effect that his fellowship ends December 31. Good old Nice Egomaniac has run out of money and doesn't see much 'use' out of Jrex anymore (no, silly, of course he didn't SAY that out loud). Never mind that the job process could take until next spring. Never mind that Jrex was hoping to get some research done so that he has evidence when he applies for grants. Never mind that Jrex has done 5 years of research that wasn't that interesting to him to benefit a man who hasn't mentored him. We're in a stressful enough process that it would be nice to NOT have anything else added to the pile.

Of course a situation like this highlights our different approaches to life. Jrex is seeing difficulties and impending doom (which is not invalid). I'm seeing the potential to take a few months off and see what happens! (Of course one of his valid concerns is that a random 'leave of absence' might disqualify him if the grants he applies for go through.)

His interview for Ann Arbor looks like it will be in September/October. Dallas and Portland are in August. The main thing that makes me sad/stressed is that if we move in January/February, even if I got pregnant this month, I wouldn't get to have the baby here. Que sera, sera!?

In a total change of topic, today at work I created two aquarium habitats. I got the idea from Graceful's husband. Basically, get a cool vase (thanks, IKEA!), aquatic plants and aquatic plant rocks, snails, shrimp, and guppies. The plants create the oxygen the fish need, the fish create the 'food' the shrimp and snails need and the whole thing creates some relaxation in our crazy art department. I bought a HUGE vase that is near the entrance. In addition to the life forms mentioned above, I put in four tall bamboo and some weird bottom feeding fish called "Dojo".

That all makes it sound straightforward. It ignores the part where I tried pouring the plant rocks into the water (without doing the 'minimal' rinsing suggested) and ended up with a dark brown cloud. My coworker brought up his "Mexican credit card" (a HORRIBLY racist phrase!!!) and we siphoned off the brown water. Then I took the rocks into the bathroom in the office and spent 40 minutes washing rocks in a trash can. I definitely got some weird looks today!

I've spent the last week working with one of the other designers to completely revamp our whole studio. It's been the happiest slow work week ever. Everyone walks in and exclaims at the difference. I'll put up pics tomorrow.


NGS said...

At one point last year the academic job market was going miserably for my husband and I had this dream that neither one of us would have a job from September through December and we could blow all of our savings on a European trip. But, then. You know. Job after job fell into his lap (not tenure track, oh, no, but paying jobs). So no Europe.

Good luck to both of you!

Mizasiwa said...

After just coming out of what has been one of the most stressful years of our married lives (almost 7 years) I know how that feels!! but im sure whatever is meant to happen will, hopefully in the best possible outcome for you both ;-) Ill be keeping yu gusy in my thoughts.