June 17, 2010

First one out the door!

Jrex has been working on his research statement and cover letter for the last month and a half or so. It's been interrupted with grant writing and experiments so it's taken a while. This morning, he contacted a friend at Univers1ty of Colorado's Cancer Center to ask whom he should email his packet. The friend wrote back and cc'd the contact, "Hey, I have an oncologist friend looking for an academic position." The contact replied, "Great! Have him send it along." Which meant that Jrex couldn't continue to gild the lily—time to ship it!


The targets thus far:
  • Seattle, Portland
  • UC San Francisco
  • three places in LA (ugh),
  • two in San Diego (I hope NOT! I don't like the beach and I'm not in the Navy or in medicine.),
  • Southwestern (Texas. Please, God, no)
  • Chicago, Ann Arbor
  • Univ of Colorado
  • Duke/UNC, (North Carolina), Vanderbilt (Tennessee)
  • Philly, Baltimore, and three in NYC
As you can see, the main focus is on the West or East coasts. I love so much about the midwest, but the first thing on our list of 'needs' for a city was access to mountains. Which eliminates much of the middle.

It really feels like we're just tossing our future up in the air and seeing which pieces come back. It's exciting and a little scary. If we have kids, they'll be shaped by wherever we end up. There's so many differences in each of those options. I can't wrap my head around all of it. I'm just trusting that the Lord knows what will be best for us and any kids we have.

My top choice, for selfish reasons, is Portland for easy access to my family plus having OTRmama in town. Philly or Baltimore are also appealing for access to tons of culture without the pricetag. If we end up in SF or NYC, we'll never be able to buy a house, and I'm tired of living in a place that makes hospitality difficult.

The process for all this is that Jrex contacts the institution and sends them a cover letter, a CV (doctor resume), a research statement and a list of referrals. If they are interested, they fly him out for a first round of interviews. If they are really interested, they fly both him and me for a second round. Then there's contract negotiations (which hopefully includes them paying for professional movers!). All of this will be happening over the next year.



Snickollet said...

My first choice is Portland, too :).

Fingers crossed for the process, in any case.

Inkling said...

My first choices would be for the PNW too. Even though we've never met, it's comforting in a strange sort of way to know we're sort of in the same neck of the woods, well, at least on the same coast.

What I'm really responding to is your comment on my blog. OTRGirl, may I just say that you rock?! I really, really appreciate your honesty, your encouragement, your observations, and your perspective. I get lost in the forest for all the trees, and you have a great way of giving me a map more often than not. So thank you, thank you, thank you! If we don't ever meet this side of eternity, let's plan on a climbing day with Jesus on the other side. (Wonder if we'll use ropes and helmets there. Hmmmm)

I'll be praying for the right posting and a great fit for BOTH of you.

Rachel said...

Aw, LA isn't so bad, if you live in the right neighborhood. I hope you end up in the right place, wherever that may be. Either Seattle or Portland would be awesome.

Liz said...

It all gets a lot more intense once the apps are in the mail and the process is no longer hypothetical, eh? Good luck -- with the process and with keeping your sanity.

scarp said...

Is it really weird that you've finally reached this stage after all these years? Apparently I am the only one interested in an east coast placement, but seeing as how for the moment it is only for the possibility of maybe seeing you guys when home for my not so often visits, I guess I can't make too big of a claim.

Anonymous said...

Now you and Jrex are especially in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

East Coast!!!!!

Unless you can find me a job in Portland and I will move there too.


Anonymous said...

let me clarify - a great job, that will pay to move me. We all know that is virtually impossible in the art field :(

otrmama said...

JRex, Portland's Cancer Research needs you!!! If they don't realize it, just let me know. I'll tell them! And, Julie, Art is a sacrament out here...get your bags packed. Inkiling, I didn't know you lived out here. I love you, too! And, OTRgirl, YOU need a "grandma" when you have babies...God has his eye on you!