June 14, 2010

Like the other 1% live

I have never in my life ordered room service in a hotel. This job is the first one where I've had to travel for work, and therefore, has exposed me to the hotel world. Growing up we vacationed in tents and borrowed vans. If we stayed anywhere, it was all of us crammed in a motel room together. When Jrex and I vacation now, we stay in either a tent, a friend's house or a Bed & Breakfast, rarely in a motel and never in a hotel. No chocolates on the pillow for me!

Even staying in hotels on an expense account, I have a hard time letting anyone help me with a bag. I don't like having my room poked through by a stranger, so I usually leave the do not disturb sign up on the door all day. Weird and sad, right?

The past two days, I spent them mostly wandering around looking for something to do. The booth was as expected, not what we'd proposed. Sigh, but whatever. This afternoon I was happy to fold shirts for a couple hours (we had to fold them up and use the sleeve to wrap them into tshirt bombs to throw from the booth stage for giveaways). THEN we had a moment where I found out it was a good thing I came down and hung around.

I was chatting with the graphic installer dude about what goes where. We looked over at a side wall and I commented that I'd designed the graphics for 14 feet high, but I wasn't sure when they were going to add the last four feet of wall. Turns out, it's cause they aren't. They gave me a face-on elevation that included a segment of another wall. And, remember how they NEVER supplied me with 3D renders of the art in the booth? Apparently, despite me including "14ft" in the graphic file name, they didn't notice! So, at 6:30 pm I found out I needed to redo two VERY large format files on my non-souped-up laptop.

By the time I got to the room at 7:30 pm, it was worth any price to just work and not have to worry about food. It wasn't nearly as good as Jrex's cooking, but it felt lovely and decadent to have someone bring me a tray.

It's 2:10 a.m. Lovin' life in LA!

(I hope I get time to tell you about visiting my hubby's sister, husband and Asian niece last night for dinner...)


Rachel said...

Hotels feel really decadent to me too, for the same reasons. But I'm glad you got to experience room service, even though the circumstances were less than ideal. The work situation sounds so frustrating.

mama nabi said...

I get so nostalgic when it comes to room service - the way most normal people do when they think about home-cooked meals. :-D Ugh, having to redo stuff due to others' negligence is EXTRA aggravating... hope everything else went smoothly.

Inkling said...

The vendor you're working with sounds like a piece of work. I'm sorry you are having to deal with the craziness he's causing. But I'm glad you had a chance to indulge a little as a result.

The first part of my classical teacher training was spent at this fancy hotel in DC at a conference there. My boss paid for the room and everything. He wasn't there yet when I checked in and though he had arranged for it all to be put on his credit card, they made me give them mine to be able to check in. Well, it was apparently so expensive that my limit didn't even begin to cover it and there were several phone calls back and forth to figure out how to get me checked in. My dad had to end up rescuing me. When I got to the room, I discovered it was the kind of place with a robe, marble floors, and was bigger than my folks' first house and any of my apartments. When I ordered room service, I felt like a princess. It was such an experience. I doubt I'll ever get to have that again, but it was fun while it lasted. It's just nice that the bill wasn't mine to pay, 'cause I'd probably still be paying it off! The funny thing about that whole season in my life is that by the time I got to Idaho for the next part of my training just a week later, I ended up really sick for a day. It turns out it was because I'd been having so much restaurant food with too much butter and richness.

From what you describe about JRex's cooking, I'm tempted to hire him to cater just one dinner. Think he'd do it in exchange for taking you climbing? =)

Anonymous said...

You're at the big gaming convention in LA and all you write about is room service!

The Christian Science Monitor has been running
spectacular photos and stories on the event. It is
mucho exciting. We expect lavish photos and a juicy
report once you've left the frenzy.