June 11, 2010

We're off to see the wizard

I used to spend time crafting blog entries. Now, I try to just get something up. I've realized how happy I am when I see new entries on other blogs and am trying to return the favor.


There's just not that much happening. The hardest thing to write about is contentment. No drama, no ongoing story arc. Just another day of riding to work, designing something, riding home, walking the dog (while reading something on the Kindle), making dinner/straightening the apartment, chatting with Jrex, reading some more and going to sleep. That's it. It's a hard-won peace after years of working together on our marriage. I'm enjoying it, but it's just not good blog fodder.

The only 'new' thing is that tomorrow I head to LA for a big gaming convention. There's been plenty of drama around that. The vendor who built the booth is just doing whatever he wants and not listening to us even though we were hired to be the artistic directors. I'm going down early to help monitor the set up, but given the track record so far, he's not going to listen to me anyway. So, I'm fully expecting an exercise in futility. I fought SO hard for our vision of this booth, but in the end, he just cut us (and the client for the most part) out of the process. He's never sent us renders for what the booth will look like (we should have been approving the engineer drawings and definitely viewing renders). I'm excited to experience the convention itself on Tuesday, but dreading this weekend where I'll be at loose ends without a real reason to be hanging around.

I've figured out my diplomatic answer if anyone asks me what I think of the final booth (which I forsee won't match our renders/drawings at all):

"As long as [vendor owner's name] is happy..."


Rachel said...

Hey, never wish for blog fodder! Contentment is the best. I've come to treasure those times in my life when nothing especially dramatic is going on.

The work situation sounds frustrating, but I hope you have some fun in LA anyway.

jyoti said...

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OTRgirl said...

I deleted a previous comment from jyoti. I can't believe I'm getting spammed! Urrgghhh.

Anonymous said...

Great comeback: "Well, if the client is happy . . . "

Of course, that's just your standard M.O.

Remember when I wore the blue fuzzy baseball
cap to your home in Silicone Gulch? And I
asked how you liked it. You replied --

"Well, if Grover were a hat . . . "