September 29, 2009

A study in contrasts

"Come play in my campground. You need to find a sleeping bag." She points to a towel on the floor, "There's one!" I grab it and a pillow from the couch and together we huddle under the sheet that drapes from the piano over the bench.

Nights in the hospital, days of coming back to 'rest' and play with Jrex's niece. As hard as it must have been on Asian niece to be around all the chaos and swirling emotions. It was wonderful for the rest of us to have a tangible reminder that life goes on no matter what.

Below are photos to sum up the contrasting experiences.

We had to ask the nurses to turn the bottle so Mom's pastor wouldn't see the label.

I felt a bit selfish leaving Jrex and his Mom with Dad in the hospital as I jaunted over to Manhattan. No regrets though! It was wonderful to wander the city and check out a fashion show. I was wrong, it wasn't part of the official fashion week in Bryant Park. Just a posh show in a photo studio. But, hey, the editor of French Vogue was there!

I sat on the floor with Asian niece in my lap as all the ridiculously tall/skinny girls teetered past on their six-inch heels. Her rapt eyes followed every outfit as I said, "Aren't the outfits beautiful?" To which she replied, "Yeah. My brother made them ALL."

I definitely had shoe lust...

Though Asian niece's tulle skirt stole the show...


Lil'Sis said...

I have shoe lust too.

Contrasts to say the least, I'm glad you were able to find a way to get away for a bit and with your niece along for the ride, I would have loved to do a fashion show with my Auntie when I was that age.

Still keeping your family in my prayers.

lots of love,

Inkling said...

Thinking of you guys as you approach the first holiday season without Dad K.

As for shoes....ah....I bet therapists would have less clients if everyone could go shopping for multiple pairs of shoes. Shoes are such therapy, especially the ones in the pics you took. Makes me want to have an excuse to wear something really girly and go somewhere other than the grocery store. =)

Asianmommy said...

Hee! Her shoes are pretty cute, too!