September 24, 2009

Brain-dead harvest

Last night we finished dinner by 8 pm, which is unheard of in our house! Normally we start cooking at 7:30 and eat around 9 pm. Anyway, the beauty of leftovers allowed us to watch TV all evening long. Not our normal way of spending time, but we both felt like being brain-dead.

First up, Mercy. A hospital dramedy from the nurses' perspective. Lots of great premises and even some very funny moments, but SO heavy handed. Jrex and I looked at each other at one point and wondered if it was possible to jump the shark in the very first episode. I'll probably check back in a month or so to see if it settles down.

Next up, my new love: Glee. Stories and songs from a high school glee club. Should be cheesy, instead it's delightfully quirky. Last night's dancing football team was Fabulous! Must be home by 9 pm on Wednesdays now!

Finally, when we were about to turn off the TV, we started watching Eastwick and ended up watching the whole episode. It should be annoying, but it was funny, well-written and intriguing. I might watch here and there, keep it casual, but it was fun.

Anyone else catching a fun, new show?


OTR sister said...

I finally caught up and watched the first 5 seasons of The Office in the last few weeks. Love that show.

Otherwise, I always seem to watch the shows that get cancelled like Kings and Defying Gravity.

punkassjim said...

I've been on a bit of a binge with the cable-channel tv shows lately, and have been surprised by the throw-your-head-back-and-laugh-itude. I loaded up on the first two seasons of Weeds…much funnier than I expected. Then (and I originally had no desire to watch this show) I took a chance with season one of Californication. The sexual content is really off the charts, but it's a really good show if you're not easily offended by that kinda stuff.

NGS said...

Well, there are no new shows for me this season. We are slaves to Bones and Dollhouse and I just don't know if I can fit in another show. I hate to be one of those "I'm too busy" people, but I'd rather be reading a book. I was tempted by Flash Forward, but it's on at the same time as Bones. I'm also tempted by Glee, but I think I've missed too much at this point. Maybe I'll try and catch up with Glee on Hulu this weekend and see if I can get on board with singing and joy clubbing.

mplscuz said...

J and I have been into Community...really smart/dumb, snarky humor, similar to The Soup. Great quirky cast - each member holds they own. 1st episode had a touching tribute to one of our major influencers...J.Hughes and it is conveniently after The Office :)

OTR sister said...

Hey Minneapolis Cuz, what do you think of your guy on Project Runway? He seems to be hanging in there.

mplscuz said...

Well there used to be 2 MN boys until last night. Ramon used to work with me...even though he's originally from Chi-town we were rooting for him too.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about "Glee" and I think I might have to actually start downloading the episodes after they play in NA. I almost never watch TV but it sounds like it might be my cup of 'T'. :)


Sam said...

Me and my sisters love Glee! Saw Mercy too - it was funny.

I like some Bravo shows - the one with Jeff, the interior designer who is OCD, and the Kathy Griffin and Rachel Zoe shows.