October 5, 2009

Out of the Kettle, into the Fire

So . . . my work load this week. As of this morning, it was all manageable. A Conference Guide (a few updates) and a User Guide (tweak the layout a little and then hyperlink the entire document to create an interactive PDF. Which means, click the content on the Table of Contents and you'll jump to that page in the document. Fun, huh?)

Then, today, it all changed. One of our internal account leads is working on a small show. I've earned her respect since she was the lead on the last big conference where I was design lead. She's slow to trust and very demanding. Her client used to work for that big conference's mother company. She's also very demanding and very slow to trust. It didn't make sense to throw them a new designer. Which means we're bringing in someone to do my hyperlinking and I'm jumping into this one.

Deliverables by Friday?
-Program Guide
-Pocket Schedule
-Badge layouts, six variations
-Table Cards
-Powerpoint Holding Slide

I have a few elements that were already designed, but I have to layout all of those, get approval and layout production files. By Thursday night. I fly out Friday morning for Cincinnati.

(Going to my high school reunion as well as going through all Healthcare Proxy, Living Will, Executor documents with my Dad. Help organize the house so he could be ready to sell it. Ironically, all of that was on the agenda BEFORE my father-in-law's accident. As you can imagine, it's even more imperative now.)

If you don't see any updates this week, I'll leave you to guess why...


Aimee said...

Into the fire, indeed!

I know you'll meet your deadlines and pray that you stay well and get rest this week.

Lil'Sis said...

Hang in there woman, thinking of you!

Mama Nabi said...

Wow... I think you just raised the bar for "keeping busy". Reunion should be interesting, no? Yes, definitly, stay well! It's easy to neglect self when things get hectic.