April 18, 2009

Sooo easy

Around four or five months ago, I tried calling home and it just rang and rang. When we lifted the phones at home, we didn't hear a dial tone. We both kept saying we should call AT&T, but really, the DSL was working, we both had cell phones, we just didn't worry about it. Sadly, that means that the last month of working from home, when every number I needed to call were toll-free and local numbers, I was sprinting through cell phone minutes instead. Sigh. That bill made us care again.

We finally contacted the landlord and the phone company on Thursday. Lo and behold, they had time to come by Saturday.

The guy showed up this morning and said, "Check your phone." I grabbed my cell phone and he shook his head, "Check your phone." OH! The PHONE. Huh. I plugged in and got a dial tone.

So, for all of you who gave up on our home phone number...it's back!

AND on Tuesday a great thing happened: Jrex left his cell phone charging during a wind storm.

Now, I've never lost power without the skies being dark and rainy. Very strange to sit in sunshine and get hit with 50 mph gusts. The power went out and his phone was FRIED. The fact that I'm rejoicing in his suffering is a sign of my total depravity and selfishness. I've wanted a new phone for a year and a half. As I've been lured into more texting, my Razr became more and more annoying, but I couldn't justify 'needing' a new phone on that basis. When his phone died, I mouthed all the proper sentiments, but inside I was gleeful as I thoughtfully offered to 'let' him have mine as a replacement. The next morning, we scooted over to the store and put his phone number on my old phone and bought me the one I'd wanted. He's lost his contacts, but hey, now he's got my good friends on speed dial!

As a designer, I know I'm supposed to lust after an iPhone, but yuck. I'm obsessive enough that the slime on the screen drives me nuts. Plus, I'm klutzy enough that I'm guaranteed to drop and crack the screen. Now I just need an affordable wireless headset. Any suggestions?


Rachel said...

Jealous of your new phone! I did not know a phone could get fried that way.

Lil Sis said...

I didn't know that a wind storm could fry a phone either! Yay for you on the new phone too:)

mary said...

"sign of my total depravity and selfishness"

you are too funny. hahah

that wind/sunny combo was crazy.

Asianmommy said...

Yay! What a cool phone.

Anonymous said...

My husband has that phone in the black and silver, the chrome is wearing off after 6 months of use :(

OTRgirl said...

the smart verizon sales guy sold me a case that should help with that...