April 21, 2009

So much for winning...

I was hired specifically to design for one client, let's call them Solar Systems. Solar just got bought by another company, let's call them Big Red. Looks like the show I'm working on will still happen, but after that...who knows? Big Red is known for swallowing companies whole and taking all marketing and design internal. I don't think it will mean I lose my job; we have four other shows hitting in the fall. Those all need full-time design support and I'll be happy to jump to new accounts and help out.

Another sign of my selfish depravity is that I'm SO excited that this may be my grand finale for this client. One. I love the design I'm getting to create for the upcoming show. Two. I'm really sick of Solar's pathology as a corporation. Three: I need some variety in my portfolio and I just couldn't face another year of the same old.

Honestly, I already had my exit strategy planned so I wouldn't have another cycle of this particular show. Jrex will be happy to hear that now I could stay here until we move. More months of 401(k) money, more ESOP stock option time (Employee Shared Ownership Program, or something like that), more months of steady income.

I feel bad about my reaction. This might mean that a lot of people I work with might get laid off. They're good workers, so they may just get reabsorbed on other accounts, or get hired by Big Red, who knows? Ah, mixed reactions, challenging times.

For now though? I just have to keep on cranking out designs.

Other exciting topics I'd be writing about if I had the time:
-"Conversational Prayer" discovery. It's been a ton of fun! Branches into Jesus' sense of humor.
-I'm church-hopping with some friends
-vacation planned for Vancouver/Whistler right after the Big Show in June
-Gilmore Girls reflections (esp their treatment of Korean culture)
-Why I resist letting myself enjoy the weather here
-photos of neighborhood houses and their list prices


Rachel said...

Crazy times we live in. I hope that people are able to keep their jobs.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Gilmore Girls, and I am envious of your trip to Vancouver. It's on my list.

Aimee said...

Oooh... when you have the time, I'd LOVE to hear more about all the topics you listed.

On the show stuff, so happy that you are looking forward to the upcoming changes.

sarah-ji said...

Ooooh summertime trip to Vancouver/Whistler! I did that 8 years ago, and it was breathtaking! That drive up the coast from Vancouver to Whistler is sooo beautiful! Plan on making stops along the way; I saw some lovely waterfalls. Oh, I'm jealous.