April 28, 2009


I'm sorely neglecting my on-line relationships. I've put in two 50+ work-weeks the last two weeks and the last thing my tired eyeballs need is extra computer time. The load should lighten sometime soon, in the meantime, please accept my apologies for not commenting on your blog or responding to anything on FB!

On the news snippet front:
  • Jrex's paper was rejected by the publisher. They said that while they recognize that it's important for his field, the information is not novel enough for their readers. Now he has to reformat for another publication and resubmit. Sigh.
  • He presented his findings in a poster session at the American Assoc. of Cancer Researchers and had many, many people who wanted copies of his work. Which helps reinforce that it's good science, it's worthwhile info, and there's an audience for it, but he's still fighting discouragement.
  • I got most of my onsite designs approved Friday afternoon. Which means I hit the 35% discount at both printers; the client is happy, I'm happy (though tired), and maybe I can start to think about something besides work!
  • We saw The Soloist on Sunday. Really well done. Great story. Worth seeing. Of course they dramatise things that don't need any extra hype, but it's still worth it.
  • We're going camping this weekend with four other couples. We're bringing the dog, they're bringing the children--it should be joy-filled madness. We've never camped with the mutt before. Not sure how it will work sharing the tent with her. Especially if a raccoon wanders through camp at night . . .


Beloved said...

Sorry to hear about Jrex's paper, but happy to hear that his research has been well received otherwise.

Good luck with the camping. It is so way too early for that activity here in VT, but we have been enjoying some unseasonably warm temperatures which is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Muttola will probably love it - she finally gets to sleep "on the bed" with you. Plus she will probably be tired from the kids and fresh air.

I miss talking to you!


Lil Sis said...

Sorry about the paper for Jrex...sorry so much work, but glad you're getting it done and feeling good about it. Excited for you and the camping trip, can't wait to hear the tails you'll have to tell!

mary said...

Sorry about the manuscript. Journals can be so snobby sometimes. Tell him to not take it personally. Camping sounds fun... although I've never really been a camper. "Joy-filled madness" sounds like an accurate description. =)

Mama Nabi said...

Ugh. It's all politics and who the reviewers are. So you know, we have a paper that we submitted to at least 4 journals... and it's with a 5th journal for review. And my boss is one of the top scientists in his field. Hope he gets it in!

I can't wait to go camping some day with the girls and Nahmja. Muttola is going to have so much fun! And the kids would love having a dog for campsite playmate. Have fun- sounds like you deserve a good break! Didn't you JUST have a surgery?!? You are like Spiderman... you do too much.

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me -- how you can blithely go into situations without seeing the moral implications of your actions. You bring the dog; the other couples bring their kids. The children romp with Muttola for the weekend. The predictable result is that all those kids will now clammer for a dog -- as if their parents don't have enough problems already.

And do I need remind you how sneaky, immoral and manipulative children are? Why did we get Heidi? Because, as I left the fourth floor, all three of you were crying yourselves to sleep -- one of you was actually crying -- and it wasn't you.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Jrex's paper:

I pray that the Holy Spirit will send him gifts of peace and wisdom --
That the wisdom be a creative gift.
That the rewrite will become a discovery.
That a pattern he had not seen before will emerge from the data.
That the rejection and the rewrite will be blessings and not curses.