April 19, 2013

Major husband points

Last night, I told Jrex I was getting a haircut in the morning. I asked if he had any specifications.

"Sure. I'd like it to still be dirty blonde, though I can deal with a little red if you need to go there. It would be nice if there's still some hair to swish and not just a butch cut. Otherwise, whatever you want."

I showed him this haircut and asked for his opinion:

"Really?!" Then he looked at it a little longer and said, "Actually that will be fine. It'll look better on you anyway."

I was shocked, "You think so?"

"Definitely. I've never found Victoria attractive."

I must say, I don't think many people would rate my looks above VB's, but if my husband does, that's all that counts, right?


OTR sister said...


And pop culture points to Jrex for immediately recognizing Victoria Beckham.

Mizasiwa said...

Aaah cute - def brownie points for Jrex!!