April 30, 2013

It sounds better than it is!

I just ate a lobster salad with cheesecake for dessert, delivered to my room here in a 4-star hotel.

I wish the next part of this story involved my husband!

Sadly, no. I'm in California for work. It turned out that the 4-star hotel was only $30 more a night than the cheap dive hotel near the office. Both are very close to work, so it's easy to grab a cab.

Room service? Allowed me to get to my room quickly and jump onto the edits for the presentation book which has to go to the printer in the morning. Don't get me wrong, the salad was delicious, the cheesecake enjoyable, the room is lovely, I'm grateful, but wouldn't it be nice to share with someone rather than sitting up working all night?

It should be noted that I was just here Monday through Friday morning last week. If we didn't have the kiddo, I probably would have just stayed here for the weekend. Jrex would have actually been quite happy to have time to get some of his work done. That said, it was wonderful to go home and see my guys and the fabulous Muttola. 

Tomorrow night I jump on the red-eye plane so I can hug my kid in the morning.

The cool thing is that Brex has seemed relatively unfazed by these last two trips. As an experiment, last week I told him on Sunday that I'd be 'at work' the next day. Most weekends, Jrex goes into lab for at least a few hours each day. So I have the following conversation more times than I can count:


"Appa's at work."


"Appa's still at work. He'll be home soon."

As a result, he knows that the phrase, "At work" involves someone being gone, but coming home eventually. To both of our surprise, on Monday morning, he woke up but didn't go to look for me at all. Most mornings I wake up to a little head next to the bed chiming, "Mom? Mom!" but Monday he seemed content without me and happy to go to 'school'. Seems like it was the same today.

For his sake, I'm quite happy about he's fine. On general principle however, I'm offended that I'm not the center of his little universe. Hmph.

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Rachel said...

Lobster salad? Jealous! There's definitely a developmental stage when toddlers figure out that their people will eventually return. I'm sure you are still the center of his universe. :) My child had separation issues until she was much older.