November 14, 2012

Bad patient

I'm profoundly grateful that I don't live with a chronic disease.

Yesterday afternoon I grabbed a bowl of cereal for my late lunch/early dinner. I used the last of the rice milk. The same rice milk I've used in smoothies which I've shared with the baby.

Ever since, the 'stomach flu' is back...

I can't remember when I started using that particular container of rice milk, but I'm wondering how many of our symptoms have been food poisoning! Fortunately, I haven't given any to Brex for a few days and his appetite is back with a vengeance.

All day today it was all I could do to just lay around and concentrate on not running to the bathroom. There was no energy left for creative work, it was hard to sit looking at the computer for very long, and I got nothing done for work (another round of being hugely grateful that I get to work from home!).

How does someone in chronic pain manage to get stuff done? I'm in awe at the parents who are living with MS or other conditions yet who manage to love their kids and keep working. Heck, even if they are on disability and able to love their kids well, I'm impressed. Jrex offered to bring the kiddo home since he said I sounded awful on the phone.

Speaking of the making of a hypochondriac, I love how kind Jrex is when I'm feeling under the weather. It bumps me up on his very long priority list!

One final random thought, the hippies who believe in colon cleanses as a key to better health are smoking crack!


NGS said...

Seriously, things come to a standstill here whenever one of us is not feeling well (and since one of us has a chronic health condition, that is too often). I have a friend with MS who has a full-time job and two kids and I have no idea how she does it with such aplomb! I'd be a basket case!!

I hope you are feeling 100% better soon!!

Mizasiwa said...

Oh no - shame man I hope u all feel. Better soon