July 18, 2012

Site visit!

There have been a few times thus far at my job when I've had the chance to go and do site visits. The most glamorous (debatable adjective) was to Las Vegas. Usually it's just been to local convention centers.

Well, I'm involved in a global conference this summer that does a "Hu b and Sp0ke" model. It means that the main speeches are filmed at company headquarters and broadcast around the world to other employees in remote cities. The remote locations then have their own speakers and activities to help with the annual Rah-rah mood. Well, the Dallas Sp0ke is happening in Texas Rang3rs Stad1um in late August. I'll be going as an Assistant Pr0ducer (basically as a go-fer for the local event production company). It'll be a good chance to see how the event works on a local level.

I'm doing a site visit tomorrow. It'll involve walking through the space and taking lots of photographs to send to my team in California. It's essentially outside my real job scope, but it'll be a fun change of pace. For the August event, I thought we'd be in a VIP suite overlooking the field during a game, but it sounds like we'll be in their Ha11 of Fam3 room instead. Essentially the stadium has nothing to do with the event, they just have a space the right size for our group. Ah well, good thing I'm indifferent to baseball, huh? Otherwise I'd be disappointed. 

What's strange is that I have to leave my house for work! And do my hair. And makeup. For clothes, I think I'll wear a company branded polo with dressy capri pants and my fun Earthies heels. Aside from not being Texas style, it's too hot for a suit! I think I've forgotten how to be a professional.

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