July 26, 2012

I love compliments

Yesterday I cranked out two more look/feel options for The Big Conference Gala. My Creative Director, Sauron, had given me two very rough comps. When we discussed his concepts, I suggested a key change to the second one. Then as I started working with it, I realized the visual elements he'd suggested needed to change as well. I roughed it up in Illustrator and sent it over to make sure he agreed with the concept. I did the same with Idea One and sent that over.
He LOVED the direction I'd gone with Idea Two, but was a bit disappointed with the concept roughs for Idea One as they didn't yet have the 'wow' factor he wanted. I wasn't worried. The Illustrator part was just for adjusting complicated text placement. Next I took those elements into Photoshop and used spray paint brushes to generate art that looked like it had been painted onto a cement wall. The poster feels very rough and hand made. For Idea Two, I also brought it into Photoshop and added texture.
Five minutes after I sent the final art, the phone rang.

"I LOVE you!" he exclaimed, "These are perfect. I just showed them to the design intern and told him that you are who he wants to be when he grows up."

This morning we discussed the RFP that I'm working on through Tuesday. During the conversation he mentioned, "I went through the office yesterday showing people my rough comp, what you sent from Illustrator and the final art. I told everyone, 'This is the genius I came here to work with, this is how I want things to go! My crappy comp, a solid concept back and then a final that hits it out of the park."

What a great way to start the day!


OTR girl said...

That's awesome! And a good example of how the process should work but so rarely does.

OTR sister said...

Oops, I just used your name instead of mine!

Jack Towe said...
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Jack Towe said...

Others recognize your work as extraordinary.


Of course, we realize that you're just working to the ordinary standards of excellence in our family.

otr mama said...

I love compliment stories,esp. when the star is someone I know!