April 16, 2012

Today's email exchange

Hey Ms G,

We just found out that Brex has been given a spot at Call1er Center starting August 1st. I think I mentioned that we were on the waiting list when you and I first talked about Brex coming to [Daycare Name]. It was a tough decision whether to accept or not because we've loved the personal attention and love he's received from you, B, My Belle and Baby Whisperer. The main factors are that Call1er will continue until he goes to kindergarten and it allows Jrex to be more involved in Brex's weekday world. They also only do this one major admission; if we refused it, there's no guarantee there'd be spots for him in the preschool segment.

Like I said, it's been a really difficult decision. It sounds funny, but thank you for making it so tough! Before knowing [Daycare Name], I'd assumed it would be an easy yes if he got into Call1er. Instead we've been so happy with his day care that it was hard to decide to move him. You've given so much attention, love, concern, wisdom and baby savvy that you've made it very easy to go back to work and not feel worried or guilty. On a personal level, I'll miss the easy walk down to your house and the 'hen fests' at the end of the day. We'll have to swing by some Fridays just to say hello!


Ms G

I guess if you were here I'd stick my tongue out at you because it isn't happy news for those of us who are really attached to him. Crum. I suppose it's too late to offer to keep him until he's ready for college? I better go outside and pout while pulling weeds. I do remember you had mentioned being on the waiting list, but hoped it wouldn't be any time soon.


Yeah, it's such a mixed bag emotionally. You are completely free to stick out your tongue at me! We were far enough down the list that I thought it was a long shot to get in.



So, the decision is made. Now I just have to endure snide remarks for a few months. It will definitely be hard to take him away from the other kids and the nurture he's received. Personally, I'll most miss Baby Whisperer trimming his nails. I haven't had to cut his nails since January 1st and he never scratches himself because she is able to cut them so close. Such a small yet important service.

Thank you all for your advice and feedback, it helped a lot. I liked the suggestion to get a nice gift for her before leaving. I'll give it to her at the end of July.


NGS said...

Oh, that will be great for your family. I mean, it sucks that you have to leave your current childcare provider, but it will be so nice for you in the long run! Yay!

Rachel said...

It sounds like you handled that very diplomatically. I think the gift is a great idea. Being able to keep him in one place until Kindergarten is a wonderful thing. Kids are not generally fans of change

michiganme said...

You handled that so well---nice job! I'll bet you are relieved to have arrived at the 'best for you' decision. (The more I thought about the "spoiled baby" label, the more it bothered me...)

Monterey Jack said...

OTRgirl, you've got to expect that what you put on the web is going to be seen by exactly the people you don't want to see it.

I thought your letter to Ms. G was well-written and gracious, and then you spoiled your impact by the snide -- and dangerous -- additions. Please delete.

From GCB we know that women in Dallas are known for vicious backbiting. Don't join them; and don't get the reputation for being one of them.

Blessings on your decision to move Brex to Call1er.

You did not tell us, however, whether you had worked out the logistics. And I tuned into your blog specifically to see whether you had approved of my suggestion that you move your office.

Monterey Jack said...

I forgot to add --

Why wait til July to give the gift?

You probably know the saying that "Justice delayed is justice denied".

Likewise gratitude delayed feels like gratitude insincere.

And in the previous comment, by "delete" I was referring to the two brief additions.

OTRgirl said...

The second addition was the email I received from her, then my response to that email. Unless you're talking about the comments at the very end?

Monterey Jack said...

On rereading this blog, I get the plot and the details, but the sequence was not at all clear on first reading. I now see, as you said, that the second snotty letter was from Mrs. G. On first reading, I got the impression that the second letter had been written by you, but was unsent.

When you deal with sensitive material, please make sure the labels are clear and explicit.