January 2, 2012

Sorry about the hibernation!

Without planning on it, I've been avoiding the phone and most media since my last post. I/we worked through the pros and cons about working or staying home and are opting to go with the daycare that we found (that's a whole 'nother post...). He starts tomorrow and I think I've just wanted to spend my time either with him or reading a book (when he was sleeping). Overall I feel really peaceful with the decision, but that doesn't mean I wasn't wistful today as I watched him napping.

Because this is how I am, I put together a dossier for the daycare. It's even laid out (like a professional designer created it or something. A designer who is actually looking forward to designing things again...) Thought you'd be amused at further evidence of my anal streak...

The skinny on Brex

  1. Not yet on a set time-based schedule. (willing to work with you to get that in place)
  2. Based on when he wakes up (anywhere between 6 to 7:30 AM), he eats every 3 to 3 1/2 hours after for the rest of the day.
  3. Overall pattern: eat, awake time (including as much tummy time and bumbo seat time as possible. He shouldn’t be lying on his head except to sleep. Trying to fix his flat spot...), nap time.
  1. He sleeps well in a swing. Up to 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
  2. Half the time he sleeps well in the crib, the other half he screams for 20 minutes (or more) before falling into a fitful, relatively short nap (30 to 60 minutes). We’re trying to get him to nap easily in the crib, but it’s become challenging in the last two weeks.
  1. Generally likes music and sound effects. They work well for distracting him.
  2. If gassy, prefers to be held vertically
  3. Unfortunately, in the last week he’s seemed to develop separation crying if someone else holds him too long. Call me if I should come down to help ease him into daycare more gradually...
  1. We don’t force it, but when he starts chewing on his hand, we try to replace it with the pacifier (trying to avoid thumb sucking).
  2. For the first hour after eating, he seems happy without the pacifier, but then gets more and more fussy without it. Definitely prefers it when he’s going to sleep.
Cloth Diapers
  1. We’re not fanatical about cloth, so if you need to use regular diapers on him at any point, that’s fine.
  2. Make sure the diaper fabric is tucked into the diaper cover in the back and around the legs. Anywhere the diaper cloth touches his clothes, the urine gets wicked up onto his outfit.
  1. Generally drinks 5-6 oz per feeding. Will supply bottles each day.
  2. He’s been fine with formula when we’ve needed to use it.


Rachel said...

What a beautiful boy. I'm glad you worked it all out. Love your notes. I actually think it's a good idea to give the daycare as much info as possible.

Lil'Sis said...

I'm a firm believer that more is more when it comes to daycare, give them lots of info, nice job! Great pic, he's just gorgeous and getting so big, enjoy the time.

I found once we started daycare with mine as infants the schedule I so worried about "not" having just sort of happened on it's own...take care.

OTR sister said...

I wonder, since your daycare is so close, if you could walk down and give Brex one of his feedings in the middle of the day. It might be nice for both of you.

I'm glad you've found such a great daycare.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs have become such a delight. It's a joy to see each new photo of Brex and to learn about your doings. Do keep the articles coming.