January 9, 2012

100 days

Apparently yesterday (Saturday) was Brex's 100th day of life. The only reason I found out was that all of a sudden I got a flurry of text messages, voice mail and email from Mom K. We were in the middle of cleaning for a dinner party so we didn't hear the activity until it was too late to respond.

In Korean culture, a child isn't celebrated fully until they reach their 100th day. Historically, unfortunately, many kids didn't make it that far. Mom told us that she was hosting a lunch celebration after church, that her pastor was going to pray for Brex and that they were going to sing for him, too. I felt bad that in Brex's immediate surroundings there was no celebration. Rather I wore him in a pouch while vacuuming and mopping. He's lucky he survived his actual 100th birthday!

This morning at church I decided I should do something to honor the occasion. I took Brex down front after the church service. After snagging the worship leader (who is Korean) and the pastor, I asked them to pray for Brex. I'm always happy to get prayer for him, but today I mostly did it so I could tell Mom K that I'd done it. As a side benefit, it was a great way to introduce myself to the worship leader. She seems really cool and seemed to enjoy being able to talk Korean culture without having to explain things. She tipped me off that hulu has a Korean channel and that a Korean drama that we watched with Mom K in California has a sequel. She suggested we also check out "Thank You". It's a K-drama about a little girl who gets AIDS after a blood transfusion. It's a HUGE deal to have any Korean show talking about AIDS at all. It's not Angels in America, but it's a start.

When the pastor prayed he did the whole prayer and didn't really leave room for the worship leader to pray. In the evening when Jrex and I were discussing our day I expressed my disappointment that she hadn't been able to pray, too. "I wanted a Korean to pray for my Korean kid for such a profoundly Korean occasion." Then it hit me (I'm a little slow sometimes), "Wait! I DO have a Korean on hand!" Jrex laughed and then we prayed for our kid.

Happy 100, Brex! May there be many, many more.


Mizasiwa said...

HAPPY 100 DAYS!! Our chinese friends also celebrated this day for their two it was nice to venture into another culture for this kind of celebration!
It was nice to catch up on your posts (iv been offline myself for three weeks and will be offline for another few - changing jobs again;-)
Glad you are at peace with your decision. I think that becouse your community is small its will be and easier transition for you (at least i hope thats the case)
good luck you and your family will be in my thoughts!

Lil'Sis said...

Happy 100 days Brex, belated!

Inkling said...

You are such an awesome mama. =)

Rachel said...

Happy Baek-Il to BRex. We didn't do a baek-il party for our daughter, but we had a dol celebration for her first birthday. I don't know if you've ever been to one, but they are fun, and it would be a great excuse to dress him up in a little hanbok. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the celebration and the photograph. Your son is so darling!